Friday, May 8, 2020

coming out to play

That was fast. *ping*

I'm following frog frens lately. They don't seem to mind a stray hen.

Today I elected not to argue the 'science' on climate change. So much fun when even your psychologist troll baits. Really wanna brain rassle that guy about Kabbalism but dang, I got stuff that needs dealing with.

And I am so done with vid visits. Had to explain to Scott why I was crying later. Or avoid explaining. The privacy with covid is a joke.

My blogs are a mess. I know there is method to this madness, but right now I'm crabby and melancholic in a spaced out kind of way and don't know where to put it.

Want some pix off my phone? Let's see what I've got.

I mean, that just looks good, doesn't it? I got that to remind me to make it sometime.

Because 😂

Here's one. Like don't fucking talk to me about climate change while this is in the world. If I shared all the sad stuff I've seen online about fetuses, babies, and little kids, no one would ever sleep good again.

I brought up MK Ultra in session today as an opener to how I put together my own stuff after I ran into a Mennonite blogger one year ripping out extensive personal detail that was so familiar my jaw hit the floor.

So yeah. Climate change. Waiting for the sun to burp and cleanse the earth.

Maybe this is the blog my baditude will wind up on. It's been hard holding it back.

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